Our Commitment to Customers During Coronavirus

Roofing Coronavirus

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to grip the country, here at Gotcha Covered Contracting, we remain fully committed to you, our customers, throughout this challenging time. We’re closely monitoring official guidance from the government, the CDC, and other reputable health agencies. While we’re still able to operate as essential workers, we’re acutely aware of the need to do so safely. You can rest assured that we’re committed to your welfare just as surely as we’re committed to continue serving you.

We’re also aware that life goes on whatever is happening with coronavirus. Maybe you need some emergency roofing repairs but you’re concerned we won’t be able to get to you? Well, don’t worry. Gotcha Covered Contracting are here for you if you need our assistance.

Residents of Pennsylvania & Texas are noticing the same restrictions as elsewhere in the country. We’re all being urged to stay inside. And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing unless there’s essential business to be done.

Fortunately, we can dramatically reduce the amount of face-to-face contact we need. We use video calls to limit the need for meetings. Thanks to satellite imagery, we can measure up projects remotely so cutting down on site visits. Our paperless documents with electronic signatures streamline the process further.

Our team has been trained to respect social distancing. They are, of course, washing their hands regularly and following all health and safety protocols. You can allow them to go about their business while you stay safely indoors.

Gotcha Covered Contracting is perfectly placed to service new and existing customers as long as current guidelines remain in place. While we’re not suggesting now is the time for needless cosmetic work, if you have a roofing emergency in Pennsylvania & Texas, give us a call today and we’ve Gotcha Covered.