Top 6 Metal Roof Types To Consider for Your Home

Metal Roof Types

When choosing a new residential roofing material, property owners will likely consider shakes, tiles, or shingles in common materials such as asphalt or cedar. However, many homeowners turn to metal roofing to protect their homes from the weather while adding a visual appeal to their house.

Metal continues to be an excellent roofing option for residences. Below are some of the best metal roof types to consider for a roof installation or replacement.

1. Galvalume Steel

Galvalume steel is a mix of three metals: aluminum, zinc, and steel. It also includes a 1.6% silicone coating over the base metal to protect against rain and damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

This steel is one of the most economical metal roofing materials available, giving homeowners a chance to install a new roof for less money. The metal is entirely recyclable and comes in a wide array of pre-painted color options to match nearly any home.

2. Stainless Steel

This metal is a popular choice for architectural structures like bridges and elevators, but its incredible durability makes it an excellent residential roofing material. Stainless steel’s sturdiness allows the metal to withstand corrosion and degradation for over 60 years. It’s available in many different finishes, from incredibly dull to highly polished.

Stainless steel is perfect for houses in areas that experience extreme climates. It has exceptional reflecting properties to disperse thermal temperatures away from the building without developing cracks or chips. It also has a low thermal expansion so that the panels won’t contract or expand with temperature fluctuations.

3. Aluminum

The most popular metal roof type for residences is aluminum. It’s lightweight, meaning installation is usually quick and straightforward. The metal is entirely resistant to rust, so it has a long lifespan.

Aluminum is one of the better roofing options because the panels are available in a wide selection of pre-painted colors and can mimic nearly any roofing profile, such as shingles and shakes. The metal’s high malleability allows manufacturers to shape it into unique forms that many homeowners find attractive in roofing systems.

4. Tin

Surprisingly, this metal roof material is not wholly tin but rolled steel with a tin coating. The tin permanently bonds with the steel, increasing the roof’s durability and making it resistant to cracks. With proper installation, a tin roof can last up to 40 years.

Tin is another low-cost metal that adds value to your home. Though it is not as popular as other materials, homeowners can paint their tin roofs with exterior metal paint of any color and add to their home’s curb appeal.

5. Copper

Anyone seeking the most attractive metal roof types will likely turn to copper. Homeowners typically use it to accent a part of the roof, like the area above a bay window, not the entire structure, despite its exceptional durability. Copper comes with a substantial price tag, but the attractive bluish-green hue that forms over the years from air exposure makes for a desirable architectural accent.

6. Zinc

As a metal roofing material that is skyrocketing in popularity with homeowners and builders alike, zinc is the ideal choice if you want a roofing system with longevity. The metal is immune to corrosion, scratches, and panel markings and can last up to 100 years.

Like aluminum, zinc roofing can match the shape of other types of roofing, and it offers easy maintenance. It’s also eco-friendly, with low toxicity levels that pose no harm to the environment.

Choose the Best Metal Roof Installers

No matter which metal roof types you think are best for your home, you’ll need expert installation to ensure that your roof system will last for decades. Gotcha Covered Contracting serves residential and commercial clients in Pittsburgh, PA. We have a reputation for providing unmatched roofing services, including inspections, roof and gutter repair, and roof replacement.

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