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Hail Damage Roof Southlake

Was Your Property’s Roof Damaged from Hail in Southlake?

Something that many property owners take for granted is also one of the most critical structural components of their home. Your roof strengthens your property’s structure and protects it from the various elements.

Unfortunately, your roof can sustain extensive damage from severe weather conditions, especially hail. The problem with hail damage is that it’s often not visible from the ground, and it doesn’t result in leaks for up to a year or two.

Most insurance companies require that you file a claim within 180 days; however, so it’s critical to have a leading roofing service inspect your roof immediately after a hail storm. Gotcha Covered Contracting will not only help you file a successful insurance claim, but we will also provide you with a high-end roof restoration service.

Roof Hail Damage May Exist Even If You Don’t See It

When your roof is bombarded by hail, it can suffer damage in several ways. In most cases, hail will knock the granules from your roof shingles, but since it’s not a hole in the roof, it may not seem like a big deal.

However, when you notice granule loss, the integrity of the roof shingle has been comprised and, over time, a leak can start to develop. Granules protect shingles from the sun’s UV rays and the elements. When the granules are gone, the lifespan of the roof shingle is significantly shortened.

Hail doesn’t have to be large to damage the granules on your roof shingles. Many property owners only check for hail damage on their roof if the hail was the size of softballs. Pea-sized hail can be equally detrimental to your roof’s condition, and you should have your roof regularly inspected during stormy seasons.

Hail doesn’t only result in granule loss, but can also crack wooden shakes, clay, and concrete tiles and puncture or fracture asphalt shingles.

The Severity of Roof Damage from Hail

Several factors determine the severity of hail damage on a roof, including:

– The size and density of the hail,
– The type and age of the roofing materials,
– The slope of your roof,
– The quality of your roof’s construction.

There are two types of hail damage, namely cosmetic and functional. Cosmetic damage refers to damage that doesn’t affect the functionality of the roof, but instead its visual appeal, while functional damage lowers the roof’s ability to protect the property structure from the elements, moisture, dust, and so on.

Since 2013, “Cosmetic Damage Exclusion” allowed insurers to avoid coverage from cosmetic damage. The result was that many insurance companies started passing functional damage off as “cosmetic damage.”

Work with a Professional

By working with a certified and experienced roofing contractor, you ensure that your claim is assigned to the correct type of damage to ensure success.

Experienced and professional hail damage inspectors typically have the right skills, information, and equipment to identify hail damage and help you as a property owner to receive a fair settlement for all the components of your home that sustained hail damage.

Southlake Roof Inspectors that are Certified

Gotcha Covered Contracting offers high-quality roof consulting services to commercial and residential property owners in Southlake. Our services include inspection, repairs, and roof replacement services.

If you suspect that your roof suffered damage during a hail storm and want to file an insurance claim, Gotcha Covered Roofing will provide you with a free evaluation after conducting a thorough interior and exterior inspection. We will also assist you in filing an insurance claim successfully.

You can also contact us if you have to meet underwriting requirements, adhere to the terms of a real estate transaction, or if you need an expert witness or independent inspection.

Since a roof is such an integral component of your property’s structure, you can also contact us at any time to ensure that your roof is entirely waterproof and energy efficient.

Reach Out for a Free Inspection

Gotcha Covered Contractors have extensive experience in carrying out roof inspections for various purposes. Our team has years of experience in inspecting and repairing gutter systems and all types of roofing materials, including:

– Clay and concrete tiles,
– Wooden shakes,
– Asphalt shingles, and
– Standing seam metal roofing,

We also provide owners of commercial and residential properties with comprehensive roof repair, maintenance, and installation services. Our services are centered around your peace of mind and convenience. Gotcha Covered Contractors are BBB accredited, and fully insured.

By using our free assessment services immediately after a hail storm, you will be able to prevent potential damage and expensive repairs over the long run. You’ll also have the opportunity to make sure that your roof is in a fully functional condition.

Contact Gotcha Covered Contractors for a free assessment and no-obligation quote.