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Famous People from Southlake, TX

Southlake, Texas is a wealthy community and is one of the richest neighborhoods in Texas. Not only the city is a home to many dedicated heroes and politicians but it is also the community where many talented artists, athletes, and entertainers are produced. Being home to the 31,000 and more people who were and still are wealthy, the city of Southlake is proud of these famous people who were born and raised in its loving and nurturing community:

  • Michael Patterson – The big stories of the Civil War were recorded and documented by Mike Patterson. He spent many years of his life completing the documentation of the brave soldiers, along with their bravery, hardships, and courage.
  • Sarah (Medlin) Wade – She documented her life and her family’s life, as well as other people’s lives and day-to-day activities. He wrote the Trek to Texas and it definitely saved the history of Southlake and other towns in Texas.
  • Giovanni Capriglione – A member of the Republican Texas House of Representatives, He and his wife and children resided in Southlake. He was a businessman before he entered politics in 2012. He won over Vicki Truitt in the Republican primary election and won the general election against Michael Goolsby from the Libertarian Party. He was known for being transparent in the state government.
  • Bob Jones and Family – Bob Jones or John Dolford Jones was born a slave but became prosperous and a prominent landowner of a large part of Southlake. During his teenage years, he herded his father’s sheep, which made him capable and equipped to have his own cattle and ranch. He also built the Mount Carmel Baptist Church.
  • C.M. Gordon – He was the person behind the incorporation of the town. He convinced his neighbors to sign the petition.
  • A. Gail Eubanks – He was the first mayor of the town and it was his daughter, Suzanne Eubanks, who called and named the town Southlake.
  • Brian Stebin – A popular artist who developed the Southlake Town Square and the artist who designed the artwork and inspired the first public artwork in the town’s square.
  • Jack Cook – He was the longest caretaker of the Lonesome Dove Cemetery in Southlake. Even until his senior years, he continued to mow and clean the grounds of the cemetery despite the non-recognition among the community people.
  • Bob Ledbetter – A famous coach of the Dragons Football Team who brought his team to championship. He led the team to 3 championships and 7 consecutive 10-0 seasons.
  • Ted Philips – He was appointed as the chief of police in Southlake, Texas. He was the person responsible to the so-called community policing, which was a way of greeting and talking to the people of the town as part of their service. This was practiced since then, even to other towns of Texas.