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The History of Southlake, Texas in 120 Seconds

In this article, Gotcha Covered Contracting of takes a closer look at a city we service. Southlake, TX is a city located in Tarrant County and Denton County. This area was once stretched with thick trees of oaks. The people called this land the Cross Timbers because of the thick forests. The prairie grasslands of the region was settled by early Indians and the tribes include the Tonkawas and Hasinai Caddos, and later on were joined by the Comanches, Kiowas, and Wichitas. Pioneers settled in the area were joined by travelers from other parts of the counties.

Pioneering the Land

During the early 1900s, there were several buildings and local establishments built in the land. The Mount Carmel Baptist Church was built by Bob Jones and his family in 1902. The community continued to grow as local school districts were built. The Carroll School was also built in 1919 with 3 rooms at first and was open for white students only.

Founding of Southlake, Texas

The city was incorporated in 1956 as settlers and homeowners voted for its incorporation. It was led by Clovis Monroe Gordon. The rural town was proposed to become a city as agreed upon by the people living here. On September 25, 1956, the town was established by 30 votes over 24. It was measured with only 1.62 square miles and 200 residents. The first mayor of the small town was Gail Eubanks. It was her daughter Suzanne, who named the town Southlake. On the following year, Southlake became a General Law Municipality. The Southlake Post Office was first opened to the public in 1964. It was Lavon Baird who served as the first Postmistress. In 1965, the town of Southlake became officially a city.

After its incorporation, many recreational opportunities were introduced that attracted more new residents to stay. Families also start to move in when the DFW International Airport was built in 1970. More city services were added as the community grew. Schools were established and operated, including the upgrade of the Carroll Independent School District which was opened for grades 1-12.

Modern Southlake

By this time, streets and roads were greatly improved, and even street names and street signs were changed. Residents multiply as the city progresses through the decades. In fact, residential developments were brought for approval in 1974, as well as parks and recreation centers. The population boomed from 200 in 1956 to 2,800 in 1980 and to 5,000 in 1987.

More city zoning and zoning changes have been recommended and the House Rule Charter provides 10 percent of the total size for annex land each year. Today, the total area of the city is around 22.5 square miles with an estimated 31,000 population mostly Native Americans, Whites, African American, Asian, and other ethnicity. As the fourth wealthiest city in the county, the average income of an individual in 25 to 34 years of age is $162,283.