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Our Favorite Things to do in Pittsburgh, PA

Despite its partially remaining steel town image, Pittsburgh is a vibrant city with many attractions. If you are planning a visit to Pittsburgh, PA or if you are a resident who wants to take a break from your normal daily routine, there are a lot of things that you can do in the city.

Below we list some of our favorite things to do over the years we’ve spent in the wonderful city of Pittsburgh!

Here are some of our favorite things to do in Pittsburgh:

There are also many famous people that have once called or still do call Pittsburgh home. Let’s take a look at some notable people that hail from the Steel City.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is an artist that played a prominent role in the visual art movement known as pop art. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh and started his career as a commercial illustrator.

In the late 1950’s, Andy Warhol started his career in art as well as film directing and producing. His art features, among other artistic expressions, celebrity culture and the 1960’s style of advertising.


Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly, a famous dancer, actor, and singer was born in 1912 in Pittsburgh. He is widely known today for his performances in films such as Singin’ in the Rain, It’s Always Fair Weather, and What a Way to Go!

Gene Kelly received many awards, including an Academy Honorary Award and several lifetime achievement awards.


Gillian Jacobs

Gillian Maclaren Jacobs is an actress who was born in 1982 in Pittsburgh. She is most famous for portraying Britta Perry in the popular comedy series Community and Mickey Dobbs on Love, a Netflix Series. She also appeared in several theatrical productions in 2007 and 2008, including A Feminine Ending, The Little Flower of East Orange, and The Fabulous Life of a Size Zero.


James Irwin

James Irwin was an aeronautical engineer and a United States Air Force Pilot. He served as lunar module pilot for the fourth human lunar landing in 1971, Apollo 15, and was the eighth person to walk on the Moon.

James was born in 1930 in Pittsburgh. He received many awards and honors for his work, including Command Pilot Astronaut Wings, the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, and the NASA Distinguished Service Medal.


Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum was born in 1952 and called Pittsburgh home during his childhood. He moved to New York at the age of 17 to do stage work and study acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse under Sanford Meisner. Jeff made his Broadway debut in the musical Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Jeff Goldblum starred in many notable movies and tv shows, including Independence Day, Will & Grace, The Fly, and Life Story. Jeff is also a talented jazz pianist and says that, if he weren’t in the acting business, he would’ve been a professional musician.


Joe Namath

“Broadway Joe” is a former American football quarterback and actor from Pittsburgh. He was born in 1943 near Pittsburgh and is the youngest of four brothers. He played quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide from 1962 to 1964 before playing for the Jets and, eventually, the Los Angeles Rams.

Joe Namath was also the host of The Joe Namath Show and acted in some movies and television series, including C.C and Company and The Waverly Wonders.


Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello is an actor, producer, author, and Emmy winning narrator who was born in Pittsburgh in 1976. During his senior year at Mt. Lebanon High School, Joe played the role of Jud Fry in the high school production of Oklahoma!

Joe studied acting at the Carnegie Melon University and starred in many movies and tv shows, including How I Met Your Mother, True Blood, Magic Mike, and Rampage. Another notable fact about him is that he married the Columbian Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara in 2015.


Mark Cuban

Mark is an entrepreneur, investor, and the owner of the National Association’s Dallas Mavericks. He is also one of the investors on ABC’s business-themed reality series, Shark Tank.

Mark was born on 1958 in Pittsburgh. He attended the University of Pittsburgh and graduated from the Kelley School of Business in 1981 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Management.

The first company he started, MicroSolutions, was a system integrator and software reseller. Mark sold Microsolutions in 1990 for $6 million.


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