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Free Roof Inspection in Pittsburgh

Free Roof Inpsection Pittsburgh

Our experienced team at Gotcha Covered Contracting offers free, professional roof inspections in Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding cities. We can help you uncover hidden issues with your roof, including leaks, weather damage, and poor-quality work that affects your roof’s functionality. Detecting problems early is key to saving money down the road, so don’t hesitate to contact us for help from our reliable roofing inspectors.

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Roof Inspection Pittsburgh

Reasons To Get A Free Roof Inspection

Whether you have storm damage or need to establish the condition of your home before putting it on the market, there are many reasons you might get a roof inspection in Pittsburgh.

Buying or Selling a Home – Many mortgage lenders require a full home evaluation before agreeing to a loan, including a roof inspection. If you need to determine the condition of a roof before buying or selling a home, our experienced team at Gotcha Covered Contracting can thoroughly assess the roof for free.

Extreme Weather –  Rain, snow, heat, wind, and hail are a few of the hazards your roof faces multiple times a year. Even high-quality roofing systems are in danger of weather damage, so it’s essential to inspect your roof after harsh storms roll through your area.

Regular Maintenance – You put a lot of money into your home, including your roof, so keeping a regular maintenance schedule is necessary to ensure that you get your money’s worth. We can provide free roof inspections to check for leaks, holes, and other damage that negatively affect the value and appearance of your home.

Damaged Roof Inspection

What To Expect During a Roof Inspection

Roof shingles are the most visible part of your roof and the first line of defense against weather damage, but your roofing system has many components that play essential roles in keeping your home safe. Our experienced roofing inspectors at Gotcha Covered Contracting will assess all aspects of your roofing system, including:

Our professional evaluators will look for problem signs, such as curling or missing shingles, corrosion, water damage, or cracked tiles and sealant. We’ll notify you of any issues and offer suggestions that fit your needs and budget.

Benefits of Regular Roof Damage Inspection

Roof inspections often become an ordeal that homeowners put off, like going to the dentist. At Gotcha Covered Contracting, we promise to make the roof inspection process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We can help you regularly assess your roof for damage and other issues that, if left in disrepair, can put a strain on your wallet down the road.

The following are a few significant benefits of getting regular roof inspections:

  1. Identify issues before they get worse – We can inspect your roof for leaks and other structural damage that can lead to big problems for your home. If left unattended, a small leak can cause mold to grow, introducing a health hazard to you and your family.
  2. Save money on future costs – Periodic roof inspections can prevent higher costs and inconveniences in the future. Our roof inspectors can catch leaks early, performing minor repairs instead of replacing the entire roof due to irreparable damage down the line.
  3. Prevent energy inefficiency – Roof damage can affect your home’s energy efficiency, increasing monthly bills. When functioning correctly, your roof helps maintain temperatures inside your home by keeping outside conditions from getting in and preventing heat or air from escaping.
  4. Maintain roof quality and appearance – A roof is a considerable investment for any homeowner, so it makes sense to do everything you can to keep it in good shape and extend its lifespan. Regular cleanings and inspections will ensure that your roof retains its beauty and function for as long as possible.

Reliable Roof Inspector in Pittsburgh, PA

As a trusted Pittsburgh roofing company, our team at Gotcha Covered Contracting wants to ensure that your roof can do its job correctly and protect your home. If roof damage goes unnoticed, a simple fix can become an expensive repair or even a total roof replacement down the road. Periodic roof inspections will help you find and resolve issues before they become a costly, inconvenient headache.

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