Fixing a Roof Leak Around a Chimney

Fixing Roof Leak Around Chimney

Your roof consists of various components, including the roofing materials, decking, underlay membranes, and structures such as the chimney. However, all these components have high exposure to the elements, including rain and snow.

The area around your chimney is particularly vulnerable to moisture and prone to leaking. In this post, we look at chimney leaking problems and the most effective repair solutions.

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Signs of Chimney Leaking Problems

Chimney Leak Ceiling Stains

Accessing your chimney to inspect it for leaks can be challenging. However, by being on the lookout for the warning signs below, you can detect a roof leak around your chimney and take early action to prevent extensive damage:

  • A dripping sound inside your house near the fireplace
  • Moisture or condensation inside your fireplace
  • A moldy or damp smell near your fireplace, especially after a rainstorm
  • Water stains on the ceiling or walls near the fireplace
  • White stains on the chimney bricks

If you notice any of the above warning signs, a closer inspection of the roof and the chimney liner is necessary to locate the leak.

Causes of Roof Leaks Around Chimneys

Chimneys leak for various reasons. For example, rain can fall straight into masonry chimneys that don’t have a cover. The chimney crown might also have a crack resulting from freeze and thaw cycles, allowing moisture to seep through.

Flashing issues are the most common cause of a roof leak around a chimney. Flashing is a waterproof material, such as aluminum, that installers place between the chimney and the roofing materials to seal this vulnerable area.

Common flashing issues include:

  • Using the wrong type of flashing for chimneys
  • Failing to install the flashing correctly
  • Failing to maintain the flashing
  • Waiting too long before replacing obsolete flashing

In most cases, a chimney leak repair involves replacing the roof flashing around the chimney structure.

Select the Right Roof Flashing

Step Flashing Chimney

Various areas of your roof need flashing to prevent leaks, including the valleys, wall sides, and around roof structures, such as skylights, roof windows, and chimneys. Different types of flashing exist, and selecting the right type for the area is critical.

Common flashing types include:

Continuous flashing: A long piece of metal that directs water down to the gutters.
Counter flashing and base flashing: A two-component flashing that can move as the roof expands and contracts.
Step flashing: Multiple rectangular metal pieces, each with a 90-degree bend in the center.

Step flashing is best for chimneys. Installing a piece of step flashing involves placing one side of the 90-degree bend underneath the roof tile and the other side right against the chimney wall.

After a roofing replacement, homeowners often wonder why their brand-new roofs have a chimney leak. This is because some contractors tend to replace only the roofing materials, and skip the roof flashing.

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Maintain Your Roof Flashing

With proper maintenance, the flashing around your chimney should have the same lifespan as your roof. Maintaining your roof flashing will prevent deterioration and leaks, eliminating the need for costly chimney, shingle, and water damage repairs.

At Gotcha Covered Contracting, we will inspect your roof flashing as part of our annual roof inspection service. If you have old, rusty, or bent flashing on your roof, we will install the correct type of flashing, preventing future issues and costs.

Get a Professional to Do it Right

If you suspect that you have a roof leak around your chimney, we can provide you with a complete and permanent leak repair service. Our contracting team is professional and will recommend the most cost-effective solution for your roof.

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