Why Regular Roof Inspection Matters for Pittsburgh Homeowners

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The roof over your head is one of the most important benefits your home has to offer you. Few places is that more true than the city of Pittsburgh, where homeowners experience unique and unexpected weather patterns all year round, from violent winds, to blistering snowstorms, to heavy rainfalls, and to staggeringly high temperatures. Not everywhere in the world does the home take such a unique beating as the home in Pittsburgh. That’s why getting a routine roof inspection matters if you want to maintain the integrity and longevity of your roof (and save yourself a lot of money in the long run).

When’s the Best Time for a Roof Inspection?

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A regular roof inspection is important for all homeowners no matter what, but it can be particularly beneficial to schedule a roof inspector after there’s been some kind of major severe weather event, particularly one that has lasted for several days in a row (especially for an older roof). You don’t want to wait until you notice a leak or some signs of damage to consider the impact of the weather on your roof.

Hail storms, in particular, pose one of the most significant threats to your roof. After any kind of hail activity, you’ll want to check out your roof for any signs of damage. However, weather events aren’t the only time it’s pertinent to schedule a roof inspector.

You might want to call a roof inspection service in Wexford annually before the cold weather begins to creep over the city. Especially if you’ve very recently gotten a new roof, you’ll want to have it checked out before winter, because the freezing air can negatively impact the sealing and settling of your new roofing materials. Plus, if you do need to get your roof fixed for any reason, it’s much more dangerous to work up on the roof during the wintertime when there may be slush, ice, and snow creating a falling hazard.

Checking Your Roof Yourself

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It’s completely reasonable to want to get up there and do a quick amateur roof inspection yourself. Before we say anymore, just be warned: walking around on a roof isn’t like walking around on your lawn. It’s easy to slip, trip, and fall, or even simply damage your roofing materials by stepping in the wrong places. Roofing professionals have safety equipment and spend all their time up on roofs, but you probably haven’t been on your roof very often. Exercise great caution, and always be sure to have a buddy who can keep an eye on you; don’t go it alone.

Once you’re safely up the ladder, there are numerous things you can look for without even setting for on the roof. One of the most obvious problems that’ll catch your eye will be any damaged or missing shingles. You’ll want to look around the sealing and flashing to check for cracks or signs of wearing. Take care to look at the vents, in particular, and make sure that they’re secured completely to the roof, and that there aren’t any cracks. Check carefully for signs of mold; some black marks from algae are normal and can be removed, but mold and mildew could be a sign of rot. Moss, in particular, means your roof is probably due for imminent repairs. You’ll need to call a roof inspection service right away.

One other important place to check: your gutters. You might spot some small grains that have slowly worn away from the surface of your shingles. These grains help protect the shingles from UV damage from the sun, and if they’re coming loose, it means your shingles are starting to outlive their usefulness. This is a sign that you’ll want to get in touch with a roof inspector.

What A Roof Inspector Will Do For You

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Roof inspectors are professionals who spend the bulk of their working lives up on roofs developing a keen eye for all of the problems that can arise on a residential roof. A good roof inspection service is going to uncover any leaks, molds, weathering, or wearing material that’s putting your roof at risk.

A roof inspection by a pro will ensure that your roof is thoroughly protected. They’ll look for surfaces that are wobbly, uneven, or even warped. They’ll be able to spot problems with roof vents, chimneys, and even attic ventilation (which can cause significant problems with your roof over a long period of time).

They’ll be able to identify roofing materials that are improperly installed or that have taken damage from debris or the weather. If they believe your home is at risk of taking on water damage, they’ll inspect the inside of your attic to look at the undersides of your roofing materials. This can give them a good idea of your roof’s overall health and weather you need to have any repairs done.

If it sounds like a professional roof inspection is the right choice for you, give us a call at Gotcha Covered Contracting. No matter what kind of roof you have over your house, we can spot any issues and get you a no-obligation estimate on your roof repairs.