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Gutters & Downspouts

seamless gutter cleaning service

Here are a few things you need to know about your gutter system:

  1. Water Management – Your gutters are your first resource when it comes to water management on the outside of your property, especially during storms. While water runs off your roof to keep the interior of your home or business dry, that water still has to go somewhere once it comes to the end of your roof. Gutters redirect water away from your roof and your home or business to safe locations where it can then be absorbed back into the ground. This level of protection is essential for your property.
  2. Foundation Protection – If you have ever seen a home or business without properly working gutters, then you know the wall of water that comes straight down from the roof and pounds against the ground and the foundation of the building. And, if you know anything about foundations, once they are damaged, it can be hard to restore them to perfect condition again. Gutters move water away from the foundation so your property is better protected against water damage.
  3. Roof Protection – Lastly, gutters offer a greater level of protection for your roof. As water comes down your roof, it can eventually run off, affecting the soffit, fascia, and other structural elements of your roof. Gutters move the water away from these structural features so your roof will last longer without damage.

Recent Project

Leaf Control Systems for Your Gutters

Texas Gutter Installation

Leaf control provides relief to homeowners who need a gutter solution that works, first time, every time. The Gotcha Covered Contracting leaf control systems keeps debris out of gutters, allowing water to flow freely.

Our leaf control mounts securely to the gutter system, resisting damage from high winds and the heaviest rains. The tough aluminum construction of Leaf Control Systems are indelible and resists damage from bugs, squirrels, raccoons and birds!

The unique design ends routine gutter cleaning, lowering maintenance costs and hassles! No more dangerous trips up the ladder! Put an end to your gutter cleaning days!

As a home owner you know how important it is to maintain an efficient, clean, clog-free gutter system. RJ’s Leaf Control is designed to eliminate your gutter clogging problems, making hazards like climbing up and down ladders and dodging power lines a concern of the past. GCC’S Leaf Control reveals its value with its low cost and high quality and also by saving your valuable time. GCC’s Leaf Control is the answer to your clog-free gutter demands.

Testing has shown that our leaf control system diverts up to 6″ (15.24cm) of rainfall per hour. Leaf control eliminates the everyday problems and concerns of clogged gutters. Enjoy peace of mind with virtually maintenance-free gutters. Save yourself time, money, and headaches.

Gutter Cleaning Coupons

  1. $125 for 1 story
  2. $175 for 2-3 stories