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Why Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance Is Important in Pittsburgh

Why prioritize cedar shake roof maintenance in Pittsburgh? Many locals install cedar shakes to improve the roof’s resistance to heavy winds, hail, and snow. However, getting the best out of this roofing material requires it to be in good knick year-round.

Taking proper care of your cedar shake roofing system provides countless benefits, including the following:

  • Extend the roof’s lifespan
  • Preserve the roofing material’s curb appeal
  • Prevent costly property damage and more

Pittsburgh property owners can enjoy all these benefits when they schedule routine roof maintenance with service providers like Gotcha Covered Contracting. Below, our roofing experts discuss this service in more detail.

Does your Pittsburgh home need some wood shake roof maintenance? Feel free to contact Gotcha Covered Contracting today for a free roof inspection in Pittsburgh, PA, as well as Allison Park, Cranberry Township, and Wexford.

Why Should Pittsburgh Homeowners Keep Up With Cedar Shake Maintenance?

Keep Up With Cedar Shake Maintenance

Cedar shake and shingle roofs typically consist of premium natural wood. This choice of roofing material is beautiful, with the strength and durability to withstand years of harsh weather. However, they are susceptible to the following issues:

  • Moss Growth: Moss often plagues cedar shakes in shaded areas with excess moisture. The green or brown grass-like growth also retains moisture, potentially causing further water damage to the roof system beneath.
  • Rot: Despite its water resistance, a cedar shake roof can sustain water damage that leads to wood rot and severe structural deterioration.
  • Distortion: Improper water absorption and drying may cause cedar shakes and shingles to curl or crack. The affected area will then be more vulnerable to moisture damage and high winds.

What’s the solution for easy cedar shake maintenance? Routine cleaning maintains the roof’s structural integrity, appearance, and water resistance. A roofing contractor like Gotcha Covered Contracting will usually do the following:

  • Safely remove unsightly debris from the structure.
  • Pressure clean your cedar shakes using a psi (pounds per square inch) no higher than 3,500 to avoid damage.
  • Apply a protective finish to the wood shakes to boost water-resistant properties and prevent mold, mildew, and moss growth.

Without care, the material degrades. Water also eventually seeps into the ceiling and building beneath it. If homeowners in Pittsburgh want to avoid extensive repairs or a premature roof replacement, maintaining cedar shakes is well worth it.

Additional Tips for Cedar Shake Roofing Maintenance and General Roof Care

Responsible cedar shake roof maintenance isn’t solely about keeping the structure clean or attractive, though. It also includes steps to ensure the roofing can withstand the elements. Proper maintenance could prevent costly roof repairs, water damage, structural issues, and more. For example, your wood shake roof maintenance checklist should include the following:

Debris Removal

Leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other organic debris might look harmless on a cedar shake or shingle roof, but they retain moisture. Leaving materials on wood shakes long enough will trigger mold and moss growth, so regular cleaning is imperative.

Overhanging Branch Trimming

Does a tree in your yard have branches hanging over the house? The limbs could scratch the surface of the wood shakes or shingles, even with only a slight breeze. Regularly trimming these overhanging branches could save a lot on cedar shake repairs or replacements.

Pest Control

Pests like mice, rats, and squirrels frequently run across the roof, but cracked, loose, or missing cedar shakes let them enter the structure itself. Once inside, they cause extensive damage to the building and your belongings. They also give the home a bad odor.

One of the best safeguards against a pest infestation is routine roof maintenance. A roofing contractor will inspect the roof and repair it before cleaning the surface. These repairs will also reduce or eliminate entry points pests find around the structure.

Wood Shake Repair

Cedar shingles and shakes may crack, distort, and rot over time. Part of professional roof maintenance should be an inspection to repair damage or replace roofing materials as needed.

Gutter Maintenance

A functional roof requires cleaning your gutters. Clogged gutters cause water to pool around the roof’s edges. If you want to avoid moisture damage, gutter cleaning should be a regular item on the maintenance list.

Gotcha Covered Contracting Takes Care of Your Cedar Shake Roof

Pittsburgh’s cedar shake roofs do well with a dependable, experienced roofing contractor to take care of the maintenance. A team like Gotcha Covered Contracting offers trained technicians for the task. We expertly clean, maintain, repair, and replace cedar shake and shingle roofs as we provide world-class customer service.

Contact Gotcha Covered Contracting at 724-581-8147 today for cedar shake roof maintenance in Pittsburgh, PA, and anything else your roof needs.

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