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How Long Does Reroofing a Home Take?

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When planning a roof replacement, taking the project’s timeline into account can help manage your expectations and reduce stress. Homeowners often ask us how long a reroofing takes, but the answer to this question depends on multiple factors. In this blog, we take an in-depth look at the factors determining the duration of a reroofing.

Factors Determining How Long Reroofing Takes

Reroof Home In Pa

Each roof is unique, so the reroofing timeline for each project is different. In most cases, replacing an asphalt shingle roof of up to 3,000 square feet takes one day. However, depending on your roof characteristics and the conditions, the project can take as long as a few weeks.

Type of Roofing Materials

Your existing roof materials and the new materials you want to install will significantly impact the reroofing timeline.

Under optimal conditions, each type of material has the following average reroofing timeline for a 2,000 square foot roof:

  • Metal roofing: one or two days
  • Asphalt shingles: one to three days
  • Wood shakes or shingles: six to nine days
  • Concrete tiles: eight to ten days
  • Clay tiles: seven to nine days
  • Slate tiles: five to seven days

To learn more about the best reroofing materials for your home in Pittsburgh, Allison Park, Cranberry Township, or Wexford, give us a call.

Roof Size

Your roof size is a critical factor affecting the reroofing timeline. Generally speaking, an asphalt shingle reroofing of 2,000 square feet can take one to three days. However, if your roof size is 4,000 square feet, reroofing with this same material can take up to five days.

The roof size affects the time it takes to remove the existing layer of shingles. A larger roof also takes longer to inspect and repair before starting the reroofing.

Roof Steepness and Complexity

A roof structure with a steep slope takes longer to reroof than one with a standard angle. A steep slope might require additional material installation measures, and the reroofing crew will take longer to access the roof.

Installing materials to a roof with a shallow pitch, or low slope, also takes longer as it typically requires an underlayment installation. The underlayment prevents standing water from seeping through the materials to the roof structure.

Weather Conditions

Rainy Weather

Your roof has high exposure to the elements, including rain and snow.

When planning a roof replacement, we need to consider the weather conditions, ensuring that moisture doesn’t enter your home’s interior.

Cold temperatures also affect the sealing characteristics of roofing materials such as asphalt shingles. Consequently, reroofing projects in cold weather tend to take longer.

Roof Deck or Structure Damage

A tree falling on your house or a fire breaking out can damage your underlying roof structure, reducing its structural integrity. We need to repair roof structure damage before installing the roofing materials, extending the reroofing timeline. A roof deck repair is critical when installing heavy materials, such as concrete tiles.

Permitting or Regulatory Issues

An older house in Pittsburgh, Allison Park, Cranberry Township, or Wexford might have historical significance or fall under a specific regulatory category. In these cases, we may need to obtain a special permit before replacing the building’s roof. The roofing materials might also have to undergo an approval process, which means the project will take longer.

Professional Reroofing Services

At Gotcha Covered Contracting, we always go the extra mile to make reroofing projects as convenient as possible for homeowners. Our team will take the weather conditions, regulatory requirements, and your roof’s conditions into account before assigning a timeline to the project.

However, even though we always complete all reroofing projects without wasting valuable time, we will never deviate from our quality standards to do a poor job to meet an unrealistic timeframe.

Did your roof incur extensive damage, or are your roofing materials at the end of their functional lifespan? We can provide you with a complete reroofing solution in Pittsburgh, Allison Park, Cranberry Township, or Wexford, PA, at Gotcha Covered Contracting. Call us today at 724-581-8147 to schedule an initial roof inspection.


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