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How to Spot a Roofing Scam

Here’s the worst case scenario: a roofing contractor knocks on your door and offers to repair or replace your roof that appears to be out of shape. Or you do a quick online search and choose the cheapest contractor you can find. Before you know it, your hard-earned money is gone and you are left with a shoddy roof on your house.

Thousands of homeowners fall victim to such roofing scams every year. These scammers normally target homeowners who are looking to repair their homes on a budget. They are also common in neighborhoods that have a high percentage of senior citizens or have recently been affected by bad weather.

A shady contractor often does a shoddy job with substandard materials. Sometimes, they simply take your money and vanish. In this article, our Southlake roofing experts explore several tell-tale signs you should look out for to help you avoid being taken for a ride by these roofing scams.

Common Roofing Scams to Be Aware Of

  1. Roofing Solicitors

Be wary when a roofing contractor approaches you at your door. These scammers will often visit a neighborhood after a strong storm. They will claim that you have damages that need to be fixed.

To coerce you into their services, they may also tell you that your neighbors are participating in their neighbor roofing sweep. To avoid falling victim to these scammers, it is important to contact your insurance company after a devastating storm and work with one of their recommended roofing professionals.

  1. Exorbitant Costs After a Free Inspection

Another of the most common roofing scams is reporting damages that are not actually there. A roofing contractor will offer free inspection and free quotes but will make you believe that there is more damage than there truly is and end up charging you more for the repair services. The best way to avoid this scam is by seeking a second opinion.

  1. The Low Starting Bid

A roofer offers you an enticingly low price, one that is much lower than any other competitor within your locality. However, once the repair work begins, the low price can shoot up, thanks to inflated material costs and made-up unforeseen issues. While it is normal for material costs to fluctuate, a contractor shouldn’t try to increase the cost of materials in the middle of the project.

To avoid this scam, it’s important to do your research first. Talk to different roofing contractors about their rates. Discuss everything with your roofer and factor the unforeseen issues in your contract.

  1. They Ask for Payment Upfront

It is normal for roofing companies to ask for a down payment on signed contracts, but a contractor who asks for full payment beforehand should raise a red flag. Also, if a contractor asks you to sign a document allowing them to claim repair benefits from your insurance provider, you should think twice about hiring them.


Many homeowners fall victim to various roofing scams every year. The main point of a roofing scam is to trick you into parting with your money for nonexistent or poorly done roof repairs. One of the most effective ways to avoid falling into trap of roofing scammers is to speak to several contractors before you actually sign documentation.

Before work begins, you want to have a clear idea of what the project entails, how long it will take, and the price. While there are many unscrupulous roofing contractors out there, you still can get a trustworthy, dependable roofer. Contact GCC today for experienced, professional roofing services. We will be glad to give you a second opinion or discuss a contract for doing the work themselves.

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