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Keep Your Vinyl Siding Looking New with These 5 Tips

If you have vinyl siding installed on the exterior of your home, you might notice that its appearance may begin to change after a few years. Despite its durable nature, vinyl is still subject to damage, grime build-up, and a host of other problems. If you need help with vinyl siding repair or replacement, our team at Gotcha Covered Contracting offers affordable solutions. Be sure to  check out our outstanding vinyl siding installation services and get a free quote, contact us at 724-581-8147.

If you’re trying to improve the appearance of your vinyl siding, here are a few tips that can help you restore your siding’s original appearance.

Stay Disciplined — Regularly Wash Your Siding

It doesn’t take long for dirt, grime, and other particles to accumulate on your siding. If you live in a wet region, mold might also begin to grow. Fortunately, vinyl siding is designed to be easy to clean. Every few months, pull out a rag and some cleaning materials to scrub your siding and clear away any unwanted grime.

It’s important to stay disciplined with your cleaning routine. The failure to clean may result in stains or hard-to-remove dirt and grime. If you choose to use chemicals to wash your siding, rinse the siding with water after you complete the cleaning process. This step helps prevent chemical damage or staining.

Make Sure Your Cleaning Solutions Are Suitable

It can be easy to grab any cleaning solution from your house when you start to clean your siding, but you should avoid this at all costs. Always check to ensure there are no harsh chemicals in the cleaning solution you’re using to wash your vinyl siding. Alternatively, a mixture of vinegar and water can do the trick.

Perform a Thorough Inspection for Breaks and Cracks

Damaged Vinyl Siding

Breaks and cracks can lead to much bigger problems down the road, such a mold growth, leaks, and other pressing issues. For this reason, it’s essential to check your siding for breaks and cracks regularly. This process is especially crucial if a storm has recently passed through your area. Branches, rocks, and other debris can damage your vinyl siding.

Keep Debris in Mind

If you’re mowing your lawn or performing construction on other areas of your property, always keep your vinyl siding in mind. Rocks, pellets, and other items can easily damage siding if they’re moving fast enough.

Pressure Washers Aren’t Always Suitable

The convenience of pressure washers makes them a favorite choice among property owners who need to clean surfaces. Unfortunately, the power behind pressure washers also means they can damage certain types of materials. Check with your manufacturer to see if pressure washing is suitable for your type of vinyl siding.And always exercise caution when using a pressure washer.

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Using the tips mentioned in this article will enable you to keep your vinyl siding looking brand new. If you need help replacing or repairing your siding, contact our team at Gotcha Covered Contracting. You can call us at 724-581-8147 to discuss any vinyl siding issues with our team of expert contractors.

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