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Our Promise To Clean Up After Every Job

After the completion of quality roofing work, your house should be noticeably different.

Hopefully, the difference is a positive one; however, when you work with some companies, you will find that their roofers have left a mess along with the work they’ve done. Maybe they did a ‘once over’ clean, but didn’t do it with the care you would hope for and expect?

These  companies are tarnishing the good name of reputable ones, which is why we have created our promise to clean up after every roofing job.

The following is what you can expect from Gotcha Covered Contracting when we undertake your roofing needs.

A Proper Cleanup From The Start

That’s right. A quality clean up starts with proper preparation.

By laying tarpaulin on the ground, and keeping a skip available for larger jobs, we can capture and remove any stray nails, roofing felt, shingles and anything else that might find its way onto the ground. By doing the groundwork before the job, we make it easier on ourselves, and your home.

Peace of Mind

Accidents do happen. Our roofers carry heavy materials and are only human.

Rest assured that we will repair any damage to your property. Any repairs and necessary amendments that may be required will be done to your satisfaction. We care about the roofing jobs we undertake, and that includes the home as well.

Cleaning Up Nails After Roofing

With any roofing work, nails often find their way into the yard.

This is why we take proper precautions to ensure that none are left behind. We understand that pets and children may live at the property, not to mention your car, so we do all we can to ensure that you’ll find no unwanted stray nails. We even use magnets once we have completed the work to pick up any nails that may have initially been missed.

Shrubs and Greenery

We know that a good garden can make a home, and yours is important to us.

If any plants or other greenery become damaged from an accident or otherwise, we strive to ensure that they are put back to the same state they were before we started the work.

Of course, we act with caution when it comes to the surrounding areas, but we can replace items if necessary and are only satisfied if you are too.

When Do We Clean Up?

A roofing job can be time-consuming, and the bigger the project, the longer it will take.

Because of this, we clean as we go along, and once the work is complete, we do a thorough clean up leaving your yard in excellent condition. Still, a roofing job can look messy when it is ongoing, but rest assured, we will not consider the work finished until you are satisfied with the condition it is left in.

If you have any other questions that are specific to our cleaning process or roofing work, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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