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What Is a Roof Tear Off & How Much Does It Cost?

Your home’s roof is its primary defense against the elements. Years of wear and tear eventually take their toll, and your roof may succumb to the effects of leaks and damage. If your roof isn’t old, it may still be seriously damaged by high winds, water, or debris.

Whatever the reason, you must repair damage to your roof and restore its integrity. The best way to do this is through a complete roof tear off. Gotcha Covered Contracting recommends a total roof tear off as the most efficient way to replace and restore your roof.

Read on to learn more about what a roof tear off is, then peruse our website for more information about our available services.

What Is a Roof Tear Off?

When a roofing company “tears off” your roof, it means they remove the roof altogether. Instead of simply laying new shingles over an existing wood or metal roof, they take all roof parts off and replace them from the base up.
Regardless of the types of roof materials they remove, roofing contractors follow the following four steps to complete the job.

1. Protecting Your Property

The first thing the roofing contractor does is protect your home and property to prevent any debris from damaging your home and littering the yard. They hang protective tarps from the gutters to the ground to preserve the exterior of your home. Tarps are also spread on the ground surrounding your home to catch any nails or debris when the layers of shingles or other roofing components are removed.

2. Roof Tear Off

The tear off begins by removing the shingle roofing with pitchforks or “shingle rakes.” These slide under the shingles, lifting them easily from the roof surface. Starting as far away from the trash container or dumpster as possible, the roofers begin the tear off, working section by section to make sure all layers of shingles and roofing materials are removed and fall into the dumpster or on the tarps covering the yard.

3. Clean Up

After removing the existing roof, the roofers make sure to remove any remaining debris from the roof, including the attic area of the home and the gutters, as well as the yard below. They pick up all the larger trash and use magnetic brooms to collect any loose nails or fasteners they may miss visually.

4. Installing the New Roof

After removing the old roof and clearing away debris, the new roof installation begins. The roofer installs the complete roof from the base plywood or metal to laying new shingles or tiles or applying the desired coating.

How Much Does a Roof Tear Off Cost?

The average cost of a complete roof tear off and replacement is between $5,500 and $9,500, but estimates may range as high as $16,000. The estimate your roofing contractor produces is based on several factors, including:

  • The size of your roof
  • The pitch or angle of your roof
  • The types and amount of roofing materials needed

Roofing contractors are highly skilled at estimating the cost of a roof tear off, but the more information you can provide them with, the more accurate the initial estimate will be. The safest way for you to measure your roof is from the inside, but if you are unsure of your skill at measuring, it’s best to have a roofing contractor come out and measure it themselves.

Now that you know what a roof tear off is and roughly how much it costs, you are better prepared for your roof replacement and to get the best roof replacement contractor for the job.

Roof Tear-Offs Done Right

If you need your roof completely replaced and want it done right, look no further than Gotcha Covered Contracting. Located in Pittsburgh, PA, we have the knowledge and experience to evaluate your roof and provide you with the most accurate roof tear off estimate possible. Our team of roof replacement contractors is ready to help you protect your home with a new roof.

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