Should I Hire a Roofing Company to Install or Repair my Skylights?


Skylights are a fantastic addition to any home. As long as they are placed in the right location, these features will provide a series of personal and economic benefits. But who can you trust to install or repair your skylights? Have a quick read below as Gotcha Covered Contracting dives deeper into skylights!

The Benefits of Having Skylights

They Can Cut Energy Costs

Since skylights don’t require any electricity and will provide light throughout the day, they are a great way to reduce spending on electricity utilities. In fact, according to recent research, a properly placed skylight can lower the amount of energy consumed for lighting by as much as 32%. Furthermore, having skylights made from certain brands may also qualify you for certain tax breaks.

They Provide You with A Natural Source of Light

While most human beings used to get tons of sun exposure while working in the fields centuries ago, in a post-industrial world, people are getting less and less sunlight. This is due to spending so much time indoors. This lack of exposure to natural sunlight can have disastrous physiological and psychological consequences, particularly as you get older. In fact, modern research has demonstrated that senior citizens very often don’t get enough vitamin D.

By investing in even just one skylight, you expose your body to natural life-promoting light every time you get out of bed. Plus, in addition to making you healthier, being bathed in sun rays can make you happier.

Skylights Are Natural Sources of Ventilation

As strange as it may sound, skylights actually do act as a natural sort of passive air conditioner. The reason for this is because warm air naturally rises, and, in a home with a skylight, the air can escape through the windows vents. This then pulls in more cool air from lower in the building’s structure and circulates throughout the rest of the structure. In addition to cutting down on atmospheric stagnation, this aspect can also lower the cost of your air conditioning utilities.

Skylights Are Very Eco-Friendly

As we’ve seen, skylights cut costs both concerning energy spent on lighting and can even lower your cooling bill; this is clearly a great pro-environment addition to your home. As a result, installing a skylight can be a great part of a larger strategy to lower your home’s carbon footprint.
Can you do your own skylight installation?

As is with many DIY projects, installing or replacing a skylight yourself can be a tricky endeavor, especially if you lack professional experience. Furthermore, relying on helpful friends and family members can compound the situation. After all, without training in this area, some skylights installations can lead to moisture leaks inside your home. The glass can crack or even shatter when exposed to the elements. Worst of all, a bad job can even reduce the integrity of your roof.

Who Should You Trust to Install Your Skylight?

While you may think that you’re reducing your skylight replacement costs by doing it yourself, these mistakes can end up costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage as well as lowering your property’s value. You’ll end up paying for skylight leak repairs or other services.

Instead, you should turn to the professionals at Gotcha Covered Contracting who have years of experience in updating homes and replacing skylights. We follow the latest safety standards and will use the best materials for your job.

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