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Top 10 Questions to Ask a Roofer

Planning for a quality roof installation can be complex. There are many angles and issues to consider, the most critical being securing a good roofing contractor.

At Gotcha Covered Contractor, we understand you want the best roofers for your project. With that said, what questions should you ask to ensure your roofer is qualified?

Here are the top 10 Questions to Ask Your Roofer

1. Are You Licensed?

This should be the first question you ask any prospective roofing contractor. You should know whether they are licensed and, if so, whether that license is current and in good standing.

Most states require licensing for roofing contractors to work, but specifics of those requirements vary from state to state. Take time to learn the codes for your area so you know that the roofer you’re working with is compliant with the state.

2. Do You Carry General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance covers any damage to your property resulting from the roofing work. Ask to see the roofing contractor’s general liability insurance certificate to verify they are covered so you don’t find yourself footing the bill for any damage they caused.

3. Do You Carry Workman’s Compensation Insurance?

While states require workman’s compensation insurance, it is always a good idea to ask just in case. Some roofing contractors may choose to take their chances and not carry it, but you may be liable if an injury occurs. Protect yourself by making sure your roofing contractor has this coverage for their employees.

4. Are You Local?

Ensure that the roofing contractor has a physical address and working phone number and verify that they are local. This confirms that they are a legitimate business and that they’re available for repairs or other issues after the roof work is complete.

5. Do You Provide a Written Estimate?

Before you sign anything or agree to any work, get a detailed written estimate of the planned work project. It should include every aspect of the work, from the overall job plan to the cost of removing the old roof, the materials needed, the labor costs, and the cost of removing debris and refuse from the site after the roofing project.

6. Will You Have a Project Manager On Site and Available During the Roof Work?

Even if the project manager is not at the site at all times, they need to be available during active work to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have.

7. Do You Use Subcontractors for Roof Work?

Some roofing contractors hire subcontractors to tackle projects for them. Ask whether they do and get verification that these subcontractors are covered with general liability and workman’s comp insurance, too.

8. How Will You Protect My Property During the Roof Work?

Roofing work requires a lot of equipment to complete a job, including:

  • Trucks and trailers
  • Ladders
  • Rope and fasteners
  • Tools
  • Workbenches
  • Dumpsters

Ask the roofing contractor where the equipment will be during the project and the procedure to make sure your property isn’t damaged. Consider every part of your home and landscape and how it may be protected.

9. What Do You Do if Bad Weather Occurs During the Roof Work?

Unpredictable weather may hamper your roof installation, forcing roofers to stop the project and resume when the weather clears. Ask the roofing contractor what their procedure is when weather interferes with a roofing project, especially regarding securing the worksite and preventing water and wind damage to the roof area, the interior of your home, and your belongings.

10. Do You Dispose of All Roof Work-Related Refuse?

A roofing contractor should have all the proper equipment for disposing of the refuse generated during a roof installation. They should bring a dumpster or container and remove it when the job is finished.

Have more questions to ask a roofer before your roofing installation project begins?

If you live in the Pittsburgh, PA, area and are interested in having quality roof installation done on your home, call the experts at Gotcha Covered Contracting at 724-581-8147. We specialize in residential and commercial roofing projects and look forward to consulting with you about your roofing project.

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