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Top 5 Benefits of Replacing Your Roof

If you have had enough of quick fixes, or are toying with the idea of a new roof, then you probably want to be sure that a roof replacement is the right decision for you.

A roof replacement can do more than save you money in the long run. Although this is a great benefit, there are others that you should consider as well.

Here are our top 5 benefits of replacing your roof, some of them might not be what you think.

1) They Can Cope With Adverse Conditions

Yes, your current roof is still up there, and it might feel like you can get another year or two out of it, but the older they get, the more susceptible they are to bad weather. If you see your roofing shingles curling or breaking, it might be time.

Modern roofing is better equipped to ensure that you don’t have rain dripping on your head at night after a storm. Not to mention, new materials are built to last.

A new roof will help you rest easy knowing that it’s giving your home quality protection that will last a long time.

2) Efficiency

New materials will ensure that air is kept where you want it – inside the home.

This means you don’t need to turn the temperature up quite so much, and that it doesn’t have to battle against the conditions. The long-term investment is an obvious draw.

3) Customization

The roof you have now probably wasn’t your choice. You may have fallen victim to a roofing scam.

If it was a roof you chose, it may have been a decision based on the styles, or even what your budget allowed, 20 or more years ago. You may have seen other houses and liked their styles, or you may have just wanted to move from the current roofing to cedar shake, slate, asphalt shingle or one of many other options.

Replacing your roof not only gives you a complete look that you are after but also a new, modern look. Here at Gotcha Covered Contracting, we offer a range of styles to cover all tastes.

4) Increased Value

Your current roof is unlikely to be adding any more value to your home.

A new roof, however, is an enticing draw for any potential buyers. The age of the roof is a conversation that always comes up when someone is looking at a house, and if it is relatively new still, you can command a higher price.

Not to mention the fact that it can help to persuade someone to buy your house based on the appearance. A new roof can make a home stand out from the crowd and create an excellent first impression.

5) Stops You From Needing To Worry About Your Roof

If you have had recurring problems with your roof, a roof replacement can fix them, so you don’t have to worry about them any longer.

That leak that needs attention every so often will no longer be a problem. The peace of mind knowing that your new roof is a job you won’t need to think about for many decades is itself, worth considering.

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