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What Are My Roof Ventilation Options?

While some homeowners may not consider it, having proper roof vents is critical to the longevity and overall integrity of your home. Possessing proper roof ventilation will save you the hassle of dealing with stressful and costly future repairs. Keep reading to see common roof ventilation options.

Why Does Roof Ventilation Matter?

Having a well-ventilated home improves the flow of air throughout the house. This not only makes your house breathe easier, but it also reduces how hard your HVAC unit needs to work. This will save you money on cooling costs. Furthermore, your heating and cooling system won’t be subject to as much use, reducing wear and increasing its lifespan.

Investing in a ventilated roof reduces the damage done to the roof through the build-up of hot air in the attic and extends the utility of individual shingles or metal panels. Furthermore, since there isn’t this build-up of heat, your insulation is likely to last longer, so moisture is less likely to build up and cause water damage or mold growth.

Of course, moisture buildup and fungal growth will not only affect your top floor but will spread throughout the structure and interior of the home.

So, if you don’t have the equipment installed now, getting a ventilated roof is a must for any homeowner.

Common Roof Ventilation Options

Spinning Wind Turbines

Being perhaps one of the simplest ventilation systems, spinning turbines are one of the most common choices. Homeowners like them because they are incredibly efficient and easy to install. These turbines rotate during gusts of wind and cycle fresh air throughout the home.

Since they spin in the wind, the system requires no electricity, making this a very eco-friendly item. Also, because they are so simply made, the system requires almost no upkeep.

Box Ventilation

Being another simple yet effective system, box vents are placed on the roof and allow for the passive release of hot air into the surroundings. While they don’t take in fresh air as well as turbine systems, they are often placed close to the peak of the rooftop to diffuse as much hot air that has gathered in the attic as possible.

Ridge and Soffit Ventilation

Being located on the ideal spot to prevent heat build-up, ridge vents are the most efficient system to diffuse hot attic air. They also have the bonus of being aesthetically appealing.

While they aren’t always installed together, ridge vents work extremely well when coupled with soffit vents. These vents are small ports that are often located on the underside of the roof and allow for the intake of air which promotes circulation.

Do You Need a Second Opinion?

There’s nothing wrong with getting help, especially when it comes to how you should take care of your home. However, finding the right assistance for your home can be a challenge.

Fortunately, we at Gotcha Covered Contracting have years of experience in providing professional all types of roofing services. From performing installations, repairs, and replacements to roofs, sides, and gutters, we really Gotcha Covered. Our team knows the best metal roof ventilation options and choices for other types of roofing materials.

If you’ve narrowed down your roof ventilation options and need help installing them, call us. We can help you choose the right vents and will make sure they are installed properly.

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