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What are Seamless Gutters & How Much do They Cost?

There two major types of gutters – seamless and non-seamless. Seamless gutters are the most popular, as they are easier to maintain and offer better protection. They are custom-built to fit your home and are usually more expensive than other types of gutters. Let Gotcha Covered Contracting walk you through your options.

How Do Seamless Gutters Compare to Regular Gutters?

While all gutters are designed to keep away water and snow from your home’s roof and foundation, regular gutters have their drawbacks. They normally fill with debris and leaves. If not removed in time, these can result in compost heap growing in your gutter.

Seamless gutters are designed to minimize leaks and reduce the number of times your gutters become clogged. These gutters require less maintenance and are much easier to clean than non-seamless gutters.

Regular gutters come in separate pieces. You can install them all by yourself by simply placing the pieces together. Conversely, seamless gutters are made from a continuous roll. The roll is cut onsite to the specifications of your house to ensure a perfect fit.

Hiring professionals to cut and install the seamless material is more expensive than putting up your own traditional gutters. However, seamless gutters don’t have joints, fasteners or other openings to allow in as much debris and regular gutters.

Types of Seamless Gutters

There are several types of seamless gutters.

  1. Aluminum Seamless Gutters

Aluminum gutters are the most popular choice, thanks to their durability. Generally, these gutters can last twenty years. Besides being durable, aluminum is also economical and flexible. It is perfect for most climates, especially in the northern regions that have to endure prolonged periods of snow and ice.

  1. Copper Seamless Gutters

Copper seamless gutters are suitable for areas that experience harsh and unpredictable weather. These gutters don’t rust and can weather extreme conditions. They are more expensive than aluminum gutters. However, some homeowners prefer seamless copper gutters for their aesthetic appeal and stronger durability.

  1. Vinyl Seamless Gutters

Vinyl gutters are less popular than copper and aluminum because they’re less durable. Vinyl gutters normally come prefabricated, and you’ll mostly find them already set and installed on pre-manufactured houses. For most vinyl seamless gutters, therefore, you’ll need special equipment to create a seamless finish.

  1. Steel Seamless Gutters

Steel is the least popular choice for homeowners who want to install seamless gutters as it is generally more expensive than other options. Steel gutters are also only available through specific manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors. However, for the extra cost, they are extremely durable and resistant to rust.

How Much Do Seamless Gutters Cost?

The cost of seamless gutters varies depending on the type you choose. Namely, copper gutters are more expensive than steel. These two are more expensive than both vinyl and aluminum.

Here’s a look at the average price per foot of seamless gutters derived from analyzing thousands of seamless gutter projects:

Gutter Material Minimum Cost per Foot Maximum Cost per Foot
Vinyl $3 $6
Aluminum $5 $9
Steel $6 $11
Copper $17 $27

For the average home, you will need between 100 and 300 feet of gutters. That means your total cost of buying and installing seamless gutters will range between $300 and $9,100.


When it comes to gutters, you want something durable and less demanding in terms of maintenance. Seamless gutters may be more expensive than traditional gutters, but they are more durable and require less maintenance. They are designed to keep your home safer from mold, flooding, and debris accumulation than their traditional counterparts. For more information about seamless gutters, contact the experts at Gotcha Covered Contracting.

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