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What To Do if Your Flat Roof Is Leaking

Is your flat roof leaking? Don’t panic. Taking a few steps after noticing a leak can help you prevent damage and repair the problem quickly.

Your first priority should be catching the leaking water to prevent flooding in your home. Then, you can enlist a professional roofing contractor to address the flat roof leak and mitigate damage.

Even the worst roof leaks are no match for the skilled roofers at Gotcha Covered Contracting. Call us at 724-581-8147 for a fast, professional flat roof repair.

Locate the Source of the Leak

Source Of Roof Leak

When you initially notice water entering your home, you may be unsure of where the leak originated. If you see a puddle of water near a door or window, there’s a chance that it entered due to an improper seal in one of these entrances instead of from the roof.

If the leak came from your roof, you’ll likely see signs of water damage on your ceiling. This may look like:

  • Dark or yellow water stains
  • Light brown water rings
  • Hairline cracks
  • Bulging or peeling paint

This damage should be easy to spot, as it was bad enough to allow water to seep through the ceiling and into your home. But if you simply can’t find the source of the flat roof leak, a roofing professional can help you.

Catch the Leaking Water

You will need to take measures to prevent the leaking water from damaging your furniture, flooring, and other vulnerable materials. Once you’ve identified the source of the leak, you will know where to place buckets and containers to catch the leaking water.

You may also want to lay towels on the floor around the leak to catch any stray water. Doing so also prevents your floor from becoming slippery and creating a safety hazard.

Uncontained water can quickly lead to flooding, a highly expensive and frustrating problem. Keep the water as contained as you can while you wait for help to arrive.

Contact a Roofing Repair Company

Flat Roofing Repair Pittsburgh

Unless you have extensive roofing experience, you shouldn’t try to fix a leaking flat roof yourself. Even standing on your roof in dry conditions can be dangerous, but add in wet shingles and roof repair tools, and the chance of losing your balance increases. Plus, you want to make sure that you effectively repair the problem rather than just temporarily patching it.

Many roofing companies offer emergency repair services and can arrive at your property quickly after you call. Your roof contractors will start by checking any mitigation efforts you have completed. They may add more buckets or containers to help contain the leak while they’re working on it.

Next, they will diagnose the leak in your flat roof. Leaks commonly occur with any of the following issues:

  • Inadequate drainage due to clogged gutters or poor roof design
  • Deteriorating flat roofing materials due to age or wear and tear
  • Damaged flashing that allows water to enter the attic
  • Storm damage that has created gaps in your roofing system
  • Missing or deteriorating shingles

Your roofing contractors will patch the damaged area, creating a tight seal that does not allow water to enter. If your roof has trouble draining water properly, they may clean the gutters or recommend installing a new drainage solution, such as a roof drip edge.

They will also complete a full roof inspection to look for any other flat roof leaks waiting to happen. If they notice other vulnerabilities in your roof, they may discuss a roof replacement, especially if your roofing system has been on your home for more than 25 years.

Contact Gotcha Covered Contracting for Flat Roof Leak Repair

Fixing a flat roof leak as soon as possible helps you prevent further damage. For swift, reliable roof repairs in Carnegie or Pittsburgh, PA, Gotcha Covered Contracting has you covered.

As a trusted BBB-accredited roofing business, we’re available 24/7 for emergency roofing services. Reach out today at 724-581-8147 for professional roof leak assistance.

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