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Why are Most Gutters Made of Aluminum?

Contractors use a variety of materials to make gutters. Copper, wood, steel vinyl, and even plastic are all commonly used materials. Yet, most contractors opt for aluminum. Why? Aluminum is the most durable material for the best price. In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of aluminum so you can make an informed choice when selecting your gutter material. Consider our installation services at Gotcha Covered Contracting. Give us a call at 724-581-8147 today!

Aluminum gutters are lightweight and inexpensive, and the most durable material for their price point. While galvanized steel gutters hold up even better than aluminum, these can be double to quadruple the cost. Steel gutters are more difficult to install because of their weight, which means the cost of installation may also be higher.

What Other Materials Are Used for Gutters?

Since aluminum is lightweight, it is less likely to sag. Steel and copper will put more work on the fascia boards. Aluminum has less of an impact on your roof and will hold up well during heavy rainfall. Aluminum gutters can hold a lot of water, so you won’t need to worry during a downpour.

Aluminum gutters come in a variety of different colors. When you buy pieces from aluminum, you will find “baked-on” paint, which keeps the coating from chipping or peeling. In contrast, steel gutters must be painted whereas aluminum gutters are usually ready for installation.

Homeowners that can afford the extra cost will sometimes opt for copper because of its attractive finish. However, copper is liable to discolor after a certain amount of time. On the other hand, aluminum will not rust.

Vinyl gutters are the least expensive. They are easy to install, but they bend and crack more easily than aluminum. Many DIY-ers use vinyl because it is available in most hardware stores. If you are looking for a more durable product, aluminum is not likely to bend or crack underuse. While you may notice some denting or swelling with aluminum, it will hold up much better than wood or vinyl.

Who can Install Aluminum Gutters?

Aluminum is the most popular material for seamless gutters. Seamless gutters are convenient because they reduce the likelihood of leakage. Leakage occurs when the gutter segments separate from each other. Instead of fastening together small pieces, seamless gutters join at the corners.

Aluminum gutters vary in thickness. Typical residential grade aluminum gutters are .027 gage whereas commercial gutters tend to be a bit thicker. Downspouts are made of thinner metal because they do not have to support the weight. You can buy aluminum gutters in recycled aluminum or ‘primary’ aluminum. Primary aluminum is a bit more stable. Your choice of aluminum will have some effect on the price.

In general, contractors install aluminum gutters, unless the homeowner asks for a different material. This is because of its easy installation, affordability, and its promise for a long life. If you are considering installing aluminum gutters in your home, we recommend our professional services at Gotcha Covered Contracting.

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