Do Your Gutters Need Attention?

Clean Your Gutters

There are a few signs to look for to see if your gutters need replacement or repair. Some might be more obvious than others. Outdated gutters can cause a lot of damage to your home. If you notice your gutters need replacement, don’t wait to get them fixed. Call Gotcha Covered Contracting today at (724) 581-8147.

When looking for damage or wear, start by inspecting the gutters themselves. Look for leaking water or cracks in the gutter material. Leakage occurs when pieces of the gutter are separating from each other. While you can replace or refasten these individual pieces, separation might be an indicator that you need a complete gutter replacement.

What Are Signs of Damaged Gutters?

If you notice the gutters are pulling away from the side of the house, the fascia boards may be rotting. Fascia boards are susceptible to damage from water and debris. Rot will cause overflow of water and debris onto the ground below. You might also notice dents, cracks, holes, or rust in the existing gutters.

Gutters should have a slight downward slope, but they should not be bowing or curling away from the house. Sagging gutters can cause water to spill out over the rim instead of allowing water to flow properly through the downspout or drain.

Take a look underneath your gutters. If you notice that bolts and screws have fallen onto the ground, you may have a problem. Of course, you can replace a couple of missing screws or bolts, but if you keep noticing fallen pieces, you might need to have your gutters replaced.

Damaged or outdated gutters will continuously overflow while it rains. If you notice damage to the landscaping along the edge of the house, your gutters might not be draining. Check for standing water in the gutter or leakage in areas other than the downspout.

Large icicles in the winter or nesting animals are other signs that you may need new gutters. You may also notice mold or even plants growing inside the gutter.

What Do I Do If My Gutter Guards Need Repair?

Take a look at the house itself to check for damage. Leaky gutters will cause mold or peeling paint along the side of the house. Bad gutters may also cause your basement to flood because they do not redirect water away from your home’s foundation.

You can fix some of the issues mentioned above can with simple repairs. For example, refastening sections, putting in new screws, or replacing a faulty piece are all valid solutions. However, if your problems persist despite repairs or if you notice damage in many areas, you should consider replacing your gutters.

Faulty gutters can cause serious water damage to your house. They might also undo all the money and time you put into your landscaping. Gutter replacement does not have to be an expensive, time-consuming process. We can help you replace your gutters and improve your home within your budget. Don’t put off gutter replacement or repair. Call Gotcha Covered Contracting today at (724) 581-8147.