Improve Your Curb Appeal with These Siding Options

Siding Options

If you’re thinking of changing the siding on your home or property, you definitely should consider vinyl siding. At Gotcha Covered Contracting, our team has extensive experience installing, replacing, and repairing vinyl siding for our clients. Check out our siding services and affordable rates by calling our team at 877-631-4605. While many property owners continue … Continue reading “Improve Your Curb Appeal with These Siding Options”

Did Lightning Strike Your Roof?

Roof Lightning

According to the National Weather Service, lightning strikes the surface of the earth one hundred million times per day. Each lightning strike contains enough electricity to power a 100-Watt light bulb for three months. Since lightning strikes are a common phenomenon, there is a possibility that lightning can strike your house at one point or … Continue reading “Did Lightning Strike Your Roof?”