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Is Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance Worth the Cost?

Cedar is a top choice for roofing material because of its natural beauty and durability. Many species of cedar trees exist, but most cedar roofs come from red cedar, renowned for aging gracefully into a lovely silver tone.

Cedar can last for up to 50 years, more than a decade longer than traditional roofing materials like asphalt. The wood makes for a durable and resilient roof, capable of weathering strong storms and other damaging forces better than many roofing materials. Cedar roofs are also energy-efficient, providing a natural installation that is almost twice as effective as most other materials.

Cedar Shakes vs. Shingles

Cedar roofing comes in two main styles: shingles and shakes. Many homeowners prefer the shakes, which are thicker and more irregular than shingles. Cedar shake roofing can create a traditional, rustic appearance reminiscent of charming vintage homes in New England.

Cedar shake as a roofing material has natural preservatives that make it resistant to moisture and pests. With regular cedar shake roof maintenance, it’s also less vulnerable to moss growth and fungus than other natural roofing materials. Cedar shake is particularly popular for seaside homes because it holds up to salt water and can weather hurricane-strength winds.

Cedar Shake Maintenance

While cedar is one of the toughest woods, making it naturally durable, it is also very costly and not easy to maintain. The hassle of cedar shake roof maintenance is a leading reason why homeowners consider easier-care alternatives.

As a homeowner, you should weigh the demands and cost of cedar against its natural beauty and durability before choosing it for your roofing project. Here are some considerations.

1. Routine cleaning of debris

Cedar roofs are natural gatherers of leaves, fallen branches, and other debris that can get stuck between the shakes. Regular cleaning of the debris from the roof and gutters will improve water runoff. If you allow debris to gather, moisture can become trapped, warping the shakes and making them vulnerable to fungus growth.

2. Washing and refinishing

Regular washing and refinishing are key to a long-lasting cedar shake roof. Experts recommend this dual maintenance process at least every 2 to 4 years. After washing with bleach and water and rinsing with a hose, let the wood dry before treating it with an approved cedar refinisher.

3. Proper ventilation

Cedar can be a temperamental wood and requires proper ventilation to “breathe.” An expert cedar-shake installer will ensure that it has proper ventilation. Older cedar roofs require regular inspections to prevent extreme heat build-up and other issues that can damage the roof.

Easy-Maintenance Alternative to Cedar Shake

Brava Shake Roof

Fortunately, synthetic options allow you to keep the charm of a cedar shake roof while saving you on cedar shake roof maintenance.

Brava Roof Tile offers affordable and easy-care alternatives to cedar shake shingles . Brava shake tiles recreate the rustic appeal of cedar while providing long-lasting durability but requiring much less care.

Brava makes its shake roof tiles from a hardy composite that outlasts most other roofing materials, including natural cedar itself. Brava certifies its synthetic shake tiles for the highest wind, fire, and hail levels and backs them with a limited 50-year warranty. Offering them in almost any color, Brava makes them in the USA from recycled materials.

Brava shake roof tiles require virtually no maintenance. If you live in more humid climates, you might find some moss or fungus growth on your shake roof tiles, but you can remove it with a gentle wash of bleach and water and rinse it with a hose.

Get it Right: Go with the Pros

Selecting a roof is one of the most important and visible decisions you’ll make for your home. The residential and commercial roofing experts at Gotcha Covered Contracting, serving Texas and Pennsylvania, will make sure that you choose the perfect roof for your home and budget.

As a Brava Roof Tile preferred installer, we are experts in the benefits of synthetic shake roof tiles and can discuss all other roofing options with you as well. For a free estimate, please call Gotcha Covered Contracting at 724-581-8147.

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