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Does Your Roof Have Hail Damage?

Has a hail storm struck your area recently? If so, you’ll want to inspect your roof for any signs of hail damage.

A hail storm can create damage to your roof that ranges from minor to extensive. However, failing to identify and repair hail damage can lead these problems to worsen, costing you more money in repair costs down the road.

Read on to learn more about how to identify roof hail damage and what to do when you find hail storm damage on your roof. Then, contact Gotcha Covered Contracting to learn more about our hail damage repair process.

How to Identify Hail Damage

How To Identify Hail Damage

Hail damage can sometimes be challenging to identify. If your roof is mostly flat, you may have trouble seeing any damage from the ground. Additionally, minor damage may not be visible without a close-up inspection.

However, more significant hail damage is typically visible from the ground through a pair of binoculars. If your area recently experienced a hail storm, we recommend keeping an eye out for the following signs of significant damage:

  • Small, dark splotches where hail struck your roof
  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Hail, granules, or debris clogging your gutters
  • Dents or soft spots on the roof
  • Leaks in your attic

Hail damage can also look different on different roofing materials. For example, an asphalt or composite shingle roof may experience loss of granules due to hail, exposing the darker roof felt beneath the shingles. Meanwhile, wood shingles may split or crack under the impact of dense hail.

Further, many people mistake normal wear and tear on their roofs for hail damage. For example, your roof may look discolored in spots due to excessive sunlight. Some roofing materials may even blister or crack in high temperatures.

Scheduling a roof inspection with our contractors is the most reliable way to identify hail damage and restore your roof to the best possible condition.

What to Do When You Notice Hail Damage

If you have noticed hail damage on your roof, we recommend following these steps to prevent the damage from worsening and minimize the impact on your wallet.

1. Address Any Major Leaks

If you notice water leaking into your home through the roof, your first step should be to address the leak to prevent water damage. Sometimes, placing a bucket or large container under the leak is adequate to prevent damage. Other times, you may need to put a tarp over the damaged area of the roof to keep water out.

We also recommend moving furniture and other household items away from the leak as quickly as possible to prevent water from coming into contact with them.

2. Contact a Roofing Contractor

Once you address any leaks, your next step is to call a roofing contractor and schedule a professional inspection. At Gotcha Covered Contractors, we offer fast and efficient roof inspections that waste no time determining your next steps.

When you schedule an inspection with our team, we will closely examine your entire roof and note any areas we believe experienced hail damage. We have the expertise and knowledge to identify minor signs of damage that could worsen over time.

If necessary, we can also place tarps and coverings over any leaks to prevent further water damage. At the end of our inspection, we can give you a repair quote and schedule a time to return to your property and repair the damage.

3. File a Claim with Your Homeowners Insurance Company

Most homeowners insurance policies cover roof damage from natural disasters, such as hail storms. If your roof has experienced hail damage, we recommend filing a claim with your insurance company. Your insurer can walk you through the necessary steps of filing an insurance claim to receive compensation for your roof repairs.

However, if the damage on your roof is due to natural wear and tear, your insurance probably will not cover repairs. Thankfully, we offer affordable repair services that can help you get your roof back to working order without breaking the bank.

At Gotcha Covered Contractors, we offer roof inspection, repair, and replacement services throughout Pittsburgh, Allison Park, Wexford, Cranberry Township, and all of the surrounding cities. Contact us today at 724-581-8147 to schedule your roof hail damage inspection.

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