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How Long Does Hardie Siding Last?

You can use many building materials to create the boards and planks you use in your siding. Some have specific brand names due to their unique composition, compared to generic wood or vinyl siding. One such material includes James Hardie siding, but is it worth the investment, and how long does Hardie siding last?

Gotcha Covered Contracting offers James Hardie siding installation services throughout Pittsburgh, PA, and nearby cities. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to answer many business and homeowner questions regarding what they want for their property. Call 724-581-8147 for more information regarding siding installations and materials.

What Is Hardie Siding?

James Hardie Siding Options

The James Hardie Corporation makes HardiePlank siding along with other building components with a durable and adaptable composite. They use Portland cement, sand, and cellulose fibers to create a fiber cement material that can withstand Pennsylvania weather easily. Its composition also makes it fire-resistant, easy to maintain, and unappealing to potential pests like woodpeckers and termites.

The planks can come in various colors and prints, from smooth to wood mimics like colonial and rough-sawn styles. They offer an attractive 30-year limited warranty on their Hardie siding material, longer than some other products.

The Extent of the Hardie Board Lifespan

As the warranty suggests, you can expect this siding to last at least 30 years. However, with proper maintenance, the Hardie board lifespan can extend to 50 years or more as a lifelong home solution. When asking, “How long does Hardie siding last?” the remaining answer mostly comes from who you hire to install the products.

What Affects the HardiePlank Siding Lifespan?

Hardie Plank Siding

  • Contractors must install HardiePlank siding properly for it to last
  • Installers and other servicers must use the right materials to help the planks last
  • We must choose the planks set for the right HardieZone to withstand the local climate

A siding contractor must recognize the needs of the materials based on their composition. Hardie board is a fiber cement composite, meaning you can expect it to weigh more than vinyl or wood. We must use heavy-duty installation materials to keep it on the building for the expected minimum of 30 years.

For example, a 5-year exterior caulk will not help the planks stick long enough. Instead, the caulk we use should have an expected lifetime of at least 50 years. Little aspects like this can affect how long the planks last.

In addition to the materials, the James Hardie Corporation also details the best practices for their product installations. With training, contractors can become Hardie-certified installers, helping your building materials function to the best of their ability.

Knowing our way around James Hardie products means recognizing the property’s place on the HardieZone scale. They specially formulate their materials to suit different climates and weather conditions based on location.

Their HZ5 products resist moisture and damage in extreme seasonal temperatures, specifically in areas with a lot of precipitation. If we were to order HZ10 instead of HZ5 planks in snowy Pennsylvania, we would be doing you a disservice.

How Much Does HardiePlank Cost?

James Hardie siding costs can depend on the seller, location, and installation costs. However, you can generally expect them to be more expensive than vinyl, but less so than some brick and wood products. The heavier the material, the more likely its cost will increase.

This principle affects the cost of HardiePlank boards since the price increases due to their heavy weight. We put more effort into moving the planks from the warehouse to the property. Our team must also be careful as we install them onto the building because of their heft.

While this material may risk having higher upfront costs, you can expect it to last a lifetime. It may need a new coat of paint after the 15-year color warranty expires. However, the board should remain free of chips, dents, and cracks, making the new paint job easy.

Call Us for Your James Hardie Installation

Gotcha Covered Contracting has properly installed James Hardie products on many homes across Pittsburg, PA, and nearby cities. We are proud members of The James Hardie Contractor Alliance program. With us, you won’t have to question how long Hardie siding lasts and can expect excellence from our Hardie-related services.

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