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What Is Board and Batten Siding?

Many homes in Pennsylvania use wood, vinyl, and other materials for their property siding. Typically, they come in vertically or horizontally layered 4 by 8-foot boards made with the property owner’s material of choice. These boards can accentuate the property while protecting it from potential damage.

Board and batten siding works similarly, but few people know about them or how they can benefit their property. The experts at Gotcha Covered Contracting serve commercial and residential properties in Pittsburgh, PA, with siding repairs, replacements, and installations. If board and batten siding interests you, call 724-581-8147 for a free estimate on our services.

Basic Board and Batten Siding Details

Also known as board-and-batten siding, this siding forms from rectangular panels alternating with narrower strips called battens. The boards usually come a foot wide, though they can come in various sizes. Most battens extend about a half-inch wide.

The most common and traditional places we use the board-and-batten style include barns, country homes, and churches. It creates a very informal and homey appearance because of the association with the countryside and older American construction. While builders usually use this siding for outdoor coverage, you can also use it for indoor wall paneling.

The style of siding is not a specific construction material, so you can customize the type of siding you want. Common board and batten materials range from natural wood and aluminum to vinyl and composite. In general, vinyl requires less maintenance than wood without staining or painting needs.

Board and Batten Benefits

This type of siding has benefits not always seen in other types. In addition to the homey appearance of board and batten siding, you can expect the following:

  • Enhanced curb appeal: Because of the distinctive geometric styling of this siding, it creates a layered appearance that adds to the property’s aesthetic. It also adds texture, similar to the effects of brick and stucco, but in a specific and tidy manner.
  • Reduced chance for moisture damage: Board and batten styles have watertight qualities that help keep the underlying structures dry, even in heavy storms. You can increase its waterproofing by choosing vinyl or metal siding instead of wood.
  • Enhanced durability: The way builders connect the slabs makes them stronger against different weather conditions. They can last for decades with proper board and batten siding installation and maintenance.
  • Increased versatility: You can use this style of siding in various settings and installation patterns, including horizontally, vertically, or both. Workers can also replace parts easily during any needed repairs, which helps keep down maintenance costs.

Potential Siding Problems

Board and batten siding styles tend to work better on larger homes than on smaller properties. Because this technique can create the illusion of height, the panels may not appear proportional to the building size.

While careful styling can rectify this issue, you should consider material options and availability in your local area. Some materials work better depending on the property and location, especially if you want a specific appearance. Your desired composition material may not always be available nearby.

Putting board and batten together also tends to be more intensive work and planning than other siding styles. This process increases labor costs, making the siding more expensive. However, if the workers install it properly the first time, it can last a long time afterward.

How Much Does This Siding Cost?

While labor costs may vary, material costs and installation typically range between $2.50 to $13 per square foot. One of the cheaper options includes vinyl, costing between $2 to $7 per square foot, which can help decrease costs.

With vinyl, you won’t sacrifice quality for the price. Vinyl board and batten can last up to 25 years with proper maintenance. Even if you decide on a different option, you can expect your upfront installation costs to pay off with longevity.

Ask Gotcha Covered Contracting To Install Your Siding

Our team at Gotcha Covered Contracting has over a decade of experience installing different types of siding, including board and batten siding. Our installations come with a 10-year warranty in addition to individual manufacturer warranties. If you want quality siding installation in Pittsburgh, and nearby cities like Allison Park and Wexford, call 724-581-8147 for your free quote!

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